Arizona House

Create an Arizona-Inspired Space

Arizona is a haven of regional midcentury architecture, and there’s also myriad collections of Spanish, Mediterranean, and even Tudor Revival designs. Clean lines and neutral colour palettes, often inspired by the landscapes…

Choosing the right finishes for your home

Once you’ve figured out your home ‘style,’ the rest comes pretty naturally – including picking the right finishes for your house, inside and out. While choices are endless, from lighting to wallpapers, paint colours, hardware,…
Cityline Clip: 6 luxe looks to turn the sidewalk into your catwalk
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plant based mac and cheese

3 easy plant-based recipes full of flavour and good-for-you ingredients

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Pear salad

Summer Recipe: Crunchy pear and walnut salad

This deliciously light pear and walnut salad is a perfect…
date and nut bread

My Grandmother’s Cookbook: Bread recipes  

Faded, cracked, and dog-eared, my Grandmother’s archive of recipes has been in…
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