Spring Upgrades to Make Indoors

New Bedding

This is a favourite. I just love the idea of fresh linens to welcome in the spring season, but please: NO Laura Ashley prints. I also don’t like anything that’s too girly-girly; you want the effect to be calming yet still comforting. I oftentimes reference France as an inspiration point in my design ethos so to me, it’s all about linen and really refined cottons. Actually, regardless of the season, I only ever use linen duvet covers. They’re not only easy to care for but the more you wash linen, the softer it becomes. Retailers like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn always have a wonderful selection. They feel fresh, organic and especially lovely for the warmer seasons. Why not bring the feeling of the gardens inside your home with subtle, subdued and earthy colours in light grays, sage green or whites?

Cut the Clutter

When you start to overfill your space with too much stuff, you actually can’t see anything and it can have a negative psychological effect, especially for someone that may not know how to manage it. Destress your space by reorganizing your book shelves. Toss, or better yet, donate old books that are simply gathering dust, knick-knacks, outdated picture frames and random regalia. For everything that stays out, put one thing away. It’s important to edit, and this is the perfect time to do it. Your place will feel brighter, more open and much more clean. Less is always best!

Curtain Swap

This can yield a pretty big aesthetic impact. I would opt for sheers in a lightweight cotton to almost give the impression of the sails on a sailboat when the ocean breezes come through. They should be organic in feel and not too fussy, and keep the colour neutral. Or, another easy alternative is roller blinds. You still see the outside, and you get light through them without the harshness of the sun’s rays. You can leave them halfway down to frame the windows and the room in general. White is very sophisticated, as is black. IKEA has some great options.

Lisa's Blinds

New Lamp Shades

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There’s no need to invest in new lighting, but new shades? Yes. Don’t go too bold with bright colours that are on-trend or ones you will tire of after one season. Instead, I just love shades that have texture like burlap, a rougher kind of linen in colours like straw, tobacco, green or a rich black. They get away from a dressier shade yet remain very elegant by the fact they’re so natural-looking. This isn’t Boho, mind you. These will stand the test of time.

P.S.: Make sure you measure the dimensions of your lamp because shades come in all different sizes. You have to get a shape that works.