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Lisa Rogers in Red Jeans

There is power behind a really good pair of jeans. They can instantaneously change your mood, your look and your body shape but finding the right pair for you is a true practice in patience. There isn’t one magic cut that works across every body type, and there isn’t one particular brand that is going to give us the desired look we’re after. Finding the size, the shade and the silhouette that works for you takes time but there are certain things I personally look out for when shopping for my next pair.

Don’t fall victim to fads. Each season there are so many variations of denim cuts and treatments, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Last season it was all about major distressing (think holes, rips, frays etc.) but there’s a limit to how many rips a woman can pull off. If your leg is falling off that’s usually a good indication you’ve gone too far!

My advice is to stick with a clean and minimalist cut because that look is always in style. Sure, a tiny rip in the kneecap is fantastic: it gives off a bit of intrigue and sexiness, but that’s enough. It will still keep you in the world of cool while also staying classic. That’s my line in the sand.

For me, I just adore the no-belt look with jeans. It has certain insouciance, like you just woke up and threw on your favourite pair. It screams casual cool, and reminds me of the lovely women in France. Just add a swipe of mascara and your look is done. LOVE! Remember: you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.

What makes a jean modern is actually how they look like they’ve been lived in for 10 years: soft fabrics, broken in and a bit faded. Whether a boot-cut, a skinny or flare, look for options that feel pre-worn. You will be amazed at the comfort and people will think there is some larger story to how you acquired them. I love that sense of mystery.




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