The Right Planters for your Deck

planter boxes

I have a high deck overlooking the lake, so everything is planters. Reason being, they can be used in so many different shapes, forms or sizes and they give off a really great sense of greenery and character to a space. I use mine to create a line between the deck and the railing, which helps to make the environment feel more intimate and cozy.

You may be surprised, but I actually prefer plastic over the real thing! There are too many environmental factors like wind, weather and variations in light that can (and will) wreak havoc on the plants and your budget. Faux hedges, like mine, look so, so real. It’s a one-time purchase, there’s very little maintenance or upkeep and ­all you have to do is cover with a tarp come wintertime. Also, they’re durable as hell.

Size (wink-wink) does matter when it comes to containers: The bigger the pot, the better even if you only have space for one of them. It will be impactful and give off a beautiful visual vibe.

I’m a big fan of making life easier all around, and my deck is no exception. I’d rather be sipping a cool cocktail on a summer night, then worrying about trimming my hedges. It’s the simple things, right?

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