Setting a Beautiful Christmas Table

Whether you prefer a traditional tablescape or something a bit more modern, Christmas Day dinner is the perfect time to set an inspired table that speaks to you and your tastes.

Here are a few of my suggestions to help you get your party started!

Colour Scheme

First, choose a colour scheme and stick to it throughout the whole table: This will unify every element together nicely, and don’t over-think what hues you use. You can stay traditional with red and green, or go for something more modern like gold and ivory, copper and Tiffany blue.

Forage for your Centerpiece

I do love the idea of foraging in your own backyard for your Christmas centerpiece. It’s such a lovely, natural way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. Think pine needle branches, fresh cranberries, or sprigs of rosemary and small pots of seasonal flowers scattered throughout the table. I’m not opposed to a Poinsettia, but instead of burgundy-red, why not go for the beautiful cream variety, or even the salmon-hued version? These days, florists have all kinds in all sorts of sizes. I love the mini-versions – they’re quaint and still traditional.

Table served for Christmas dinner, close up view


Whether you’re toasting with a glass of champagne or a mocktail, beautiful glassware will make every guest feel special. This is the time to bring out your best: if you have crystal stemware, use it. If you have vintage glasses, use those, too. Mix and match your collections!

Table with glassware served for Christmas dinner in living room

Add a Place Name to Each Setting

This is a simple and very sophisticated way to host your guests around the dinner table. Find some nice, ivory cardstock and a gold-coloured pen at your local craft store to make them – takes minutes, but my advice would be to enlist the help of someone in your circle who has beautiful penmanship!

Table Gift

For me, the idea of a table gift for guests is surprising and very thoughtful, but you don’t have to splurge or spend a bundle on them. It’s a dinner party favour, with a holiday twist. Consider a stunning new ornament for their tree, perhaps a picture frame whereby they can frame a new family photo. Simple can still be chic, and they’ll remember this kind gesture the whole year through.