Bring Spring in: Simple ways to embrace a new season indoors

There’s no denying spring has us excited to embrace nature and the fresh air again, so while we work on prepping our patio and outdoor space, what are some simple ways we can bring the season indoors? Here are six of my favourite tips!

Pared-down, simple and stunning

Clip your backyard blossoms and scatter in different vases of different shapes, sizes and colours throughout your home. It’s a casual yet sophisticated way of celebrating the vitality of the season.

Don’t just spring clean, spring edit

You know how big I am in editing your home! Clean up over-stuffed bookshelves from all the novels you read during the colder season, clean out your pantry of winter fare and stock with new seasonal finds and swap out heavy, thick throws, blankets and pillows for their lighter, airier counterparts.

Simple ways to embrace a new season indoors


This isn’t that dissimilar from above, but it’s time to get rid of all the accumulated clutter you have: keep a few of your favourite pieces, trinkets, vases or other accessories on display, but others retire to storage and rotate when the mood strikes.

Break out the bright colours

A coral throw, perhaps? Or what about a new bold piece of art? Have fun with it and think of spring-friendly shades like lemon, peach, lavender or mint-green. But, in saying that, reserve these new additions to “pops” of colour throughout your home, while keeping everything else neutral in tone. That way you’re giving your space a roomy, airy feel. Also, while you’re at it, swap out your heavy sets of sheets and down comforters for much cooler cottons and linens.

Simple ways to embrace a new season indoors

Add some houseplants or flowers

Pots, plants or vases are the easiest way to bring spring in. Little succulents are very charming, and who can forget the rainbow colours of beautiful tulips!

Indoor herb garden

Don’t just limit all the new plant life that grows in the springtime outdoors. An indoor herb garden is a lovely way to bring some of nature inside (and the scent fresh herbs emit? Divine!)

Grab a few small pots, some potting soil and the seeds of some of your favourite herbs. You need the right amount of light, so be sure to start your set-up in a place where you know you’ll get ample natural light (near a window sill, or in it, is ideal). The easiest herbs to grow are chives, mint, parsley, basil, thyme and rosemary. Plant them all and watch them grow!