Crafted: Best Coats For Cold Weather

It’s time to pick out the best coats for cold weather. Here are my picks for the wardrobe essentials to pile on when the temperature drops!  

This season it’s all about mixing rich colours, textures and patterns and this can work beautifully for your outerwear, too.

Metallic Puffer

This is a really fun and trendy look, and I just love it. It’s so chic and so fabulous! I would pair this metallic puffer with great jeans, an embellished hoodie, and a cowboy boot. Yes, cowboy boots are back! (Thankfully I’ve kept mine for over 30 years.) If this entire head-to-toe look is too much, then just take one element and work it into your existing wardrobe. Each piece works beautifully together or separate.


Throw out the old rule book! This is all about beautiful plaids and layers for a very sophisticated look. I love mixing patterns and adding a touch of colour, whether it’s with this fabulous top or in the racing stripe down the side of the pant. It’s very modern, and it reminds me of all those stylish girls in Paris.  


Big oversized hounstooth is looking richer than ever. There’s just so much texture in the print, and I love that these pieces have a touch of metallic thread throughout. This is what fashion is all about right now: It’s a return of those ‘50s-inspired fabrics and retro looks, but with a modern spin. Houndstooth is timeless and you could wear this coat with jeans, leather pants, anything!


Layers upon layers upon layers

We tend to lean towards darker colours when we’re in winter, but I say go in the opposite direction! This is such a refreshing look with silver-white and stone grey hues, along with layering multiple pieces to create this entire look. A little moto leather jacket is a great investment because it comes in and out of fashion every season. I paired it with a luxe sweater and sweet silk camisole underneath. Throw on an oversized scarf and cropped, cuffed pants and the look is so stunning.

Denim on denim

This is a nod to ‘60s style when everyone was into wearing denim on denim on denim. It’s incredibly versatile and I added a great pop of colour with this red, oversized puffer. Truly, one can never have enough denim!

Mix textures

This look really shows what it means to mix texture. I paired this lovely plaid car coat with some pretty spectacular vinyl pants. (Check out that shine!) The soft, knit sweater is a nice juxtaposition with the pants and the combat boots – another huge trend for the season!