Crafted: Stay stylish this winter with Rudsak and Hermès

Rudsak and Hermès are two great examples of how winter is yet another great time of year to explore some sophisticated fashion options.

In my latest appearance on CityLine I explore the how the exquisite Rudsak jackets keep you stylishly warm while the timeless Hermès scarf brings out your unique personality.

Always in style Rudsak jackets

Rudsak started with one iconic black leather jacket and from there, the Montreal-based fashion brand morphed into the place for classically cool collections of leather apparel, accessories, and fabulous winter coats as well.

What I love about them is that their aesthetic is anchored by modern, innovative textiles, while also being incredibly warm for our harsh Canadian winters. They’ve elevated outerwear with knits, colour ways, tailoring and sleek, fitted styles.

Even if our snowstorms pack that one-two punch, you can still be comfortable without looking like the Michelin man. I remember those days when was younger, I could barely walk! I was wrapped in this gigantic puffer coat and style was not an option. Today, it’s so different, and I love Rudsak for that very reason.

Lisa Rogers on set of CityLine for Rudsak and Hermès episode

I cherry picked some of my favourite looks from the brand for this Cityline segment, but really, they have so many more wonderful in-store options, depending on your personal style. Yes, they’re investment pieces (read: $$) but trust me, they’re worth it. You’ll have them for years to come and they’ll never go out of fashion.

How to style a Hermès scarf

If you look at the history of the Hermès scarf, it really is quite remarkable. The storied scarf is an iconic piece of fashion history and with good reason. Adored by celebrities and the elegant one percenters alike, they invented—quite possibly—one of the most recognizable, covetable and adored fashion accessories in the business.

Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly were all collectors. In the 50s, the Queen even wore one on a postage stamp. I consider it almost like a piece of art, so much so, I’ve known people to frame one to hang on their walls! They are simply exquisite.

As an accessory, there are a million ways you can tie one: Whether you wrap it around your wrist for a jaunty look, around your waist—instead of a belt—or insouciantly around the neck like the pretty French girls do.

Lisa Rogers on set at CityLine studio discussing Rudsak and Hermès

There really is no wrong way to tie one of these on. They are light, airy and come in varying lengths, whether long and skinny or larger and square. I love how it can frame your face and add a bit of colour to a rather drab day. You can even tuck it into a square in your blazer pocket for a fun flourish.

These are a true investment because of the care and attention that goes into making one—18 months, in fact! Each one is unique (just like you) and is truly the definition of luxury. I found mine in a wonderful vintage shop and I wear it with everything: from jeans and a T-shirt to a tank and summer skirt.

There aren’t really any rules to how you wear it, which I love. It’s all about your own interpretation! And who knows? Perhaps I’ll pass it along to my daughter-in-law in the years to come. When you have one, you’ll have it for life.

For more details about Rudsak and Hermès fashion, please check out my segment on Cityline!