Spring Décor Trends: New Colours For Your Home

Pantone offers up plenty of variety in its palette this year, meaning great things for spring décor trends.

Considered the global authority on all-things colour, Pantone says 2019 trends will “reflect a desire to embolden ourselves as we face the future” with colour that transcends seasonality, while remaining dynamic without being too overpowering.

This year, it’s all about providing a sense of confidence, while championing our creative spirits with unexpected combinations.

I have to say: I love the sentiment! Why wouldn’t we want to take charge of our futures full-steam ahead, and what better way for us to do that than to create a home that energizes us to do exactly that.

Family Room

It’s interesting, I don’t think we even realize most of the time just how impactful colour is to our daily lives: it can uplift our spirits to give us a sense of positivity and hopefulness, just as much as it can drag us down and leave us feeling, well, frankly, less than that.

Colour has the ability to do that, so what I love mostly about this year’s Pantone selections is that there is plenty to choose from, so whatever your ideas are this season for some fresh spring décor trends in your own homes, you can cherry-pick whatever colours speak to you most to start the process.

Here are some of my favourites:


This spice isn’t just good for your body it’s now considered a good option for your home, too! Love how energizing the orange is with that pungent, deep palette.

Pepper Stem

Earthy, but vivid. This yellow-green is meant to encourage our desire for nature’s healthy bounty.

Lemon Verbena

Anyone else think of the Amalfi Coast (and their lemons) when you look at this colour? Just gorgeous. So fresh and cheerful.

colour swatches of various colours


Rich, just like the treat, but also a beautifully classic shade.

Pressed Rose

Ah! So romantic and pretty. The pressed rose is meant to strike feelings of sentimentality.


You know I can’t walk away from a neutral! Soybean is a favourite: more subtle and versatile. I find it quite sophisticated actually.


Navy has been trending for a while now, and with good reason: It’s such a sumptuous, deep blue. It’s a bit sexy, isn’t it?

Sweet corn

Love this name and love the colour even more: Soft, almost buttery, it’s a stand-out neutral in my opinion.