Transform Your Style With A Few Accessories

The easiest way to update your look is with a few choice accessories that can transform your style. And you can do it without feeling like you have to overhaul your entire closet in the process.

From great shades to the new take on drop earrings, these are the accessories you that will make your style feel new and fresh again.

Hats on

Hats are big this season. They ran the gamut from romantic, wide-brimmed styles all the way to fedoras and berets. Whatever your mood, you will likely find the right hat to match your style.

Bows on bows

If you take a look at the runways of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Rodarte, you will see a plethora of bows (and beautiful blooms, too). They adorn everything from handbags to footwear and dresses. I like that it’s feminine in an obvious way, but that you can mix and match with more relaxed looks for a right mix of hard and soft.

A selection of high heels at a store.

Big belts

The ‘80s are back, and it’s making itself known with the resurgence of big, bold belts. Saint Laurent showcased very substantial belts cinched neatly at the waist to add that silhouette. Buckles were just as noticeable, too.

Big blooms

Florals remain a bit of a trend for this season. We saw some beautiful versions in many of fall’s best dresses. These lovely arrangements are making their way onto lovely bags and shoes as well. I’d caution doing anything too matchy-matchy, so I’d do a great pair of floral heels with a more military-style pant to mix hard and soft.

Kitten heels

More comfortable to walk in and perfect for a day at the office or a weekend night out, kitten heels have made a comeback, but this time they’re reinvented with crystal embellishments and buckles. I love the ease of a kitten heel: They can look just as stunning with a cocktail dress or a pair of worn-in jeans.