Christmas Decoration Ideas: Get your home in the holiday spirit with these easy holiday décor suggestions

This year, celebrating the holidays is essential, so here are my suggestions for spreading some festive cheer at home this season.

No matter what the rest of 2020 brings us for the rest of the year, one thing is for sure: the holidays are still coming, and we need to find some joy in any way we can. While this season is undoubtedly going to be different for all of us, our families, and our friends, it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, so let’s still find some cheer in all of this chaos. For me, it starts with creating a warm, cozy, and festive feel at home, which will include some of my most meaningful rituals and décor. Research shows that people who nurture daily celebratory and gratitude habits have more energy, less anxiety, and better physical health. All the good things!

Christmas decorations and elegant table setting

Keeping holiday rituals special will create a distinction from one day to the next.

We all feel like we’re in Groundhog Day, living the same day over and over, so come the holiday season, it’s imperative we create a distinction from our everyday to something special. I’ve heard some people say they’re not buying a tree this year because “why bother?” I can’t entirely agree! Buy the tree, decorate your home, play your favourite festive music, and do all of the things you do during the holiday season. Not only will it give you a sense of normalcy, but it will also help bolster morale and curb those feelings of anxiety and fear we’re all experiencing.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of dressing up.

We’re likely not going to leave our house, but aren’t we all tired of the sweats? Holidays are always fun to dress up in your best, and celebrating at home shouldn’t change that. Dress in something that brings you joy, take family photos, and mark the day as a celebration.

Keep it simple, elegant, fun.

Choose one or two accent colours for a cohesive look (whether it’s two shades in the same colour family or accent colours) and find easy ways to marry them into your existing décor. This can be done with an arrangement of winter flowers, candles, or soft furnishings. I tend to prefer a more clean, modern look, so instead of opting for the traditional classic cherry red and emerald green combination (or a Scottish tartan pattern), I may go for a deeper burgundy or hunter green instead and pair with creamy white tablecloths. I also switch out my lighter blankets and pillows for chunkier textures, like knits and velvets. Consider rearranging your furniture, too, to face your tree or fireplace to create that warm gathering spot for your family to cozy up.

Wreath and decorated fireplace

Scatter ornaments throughout your home

This is the most straightforward idea to execute, but the most impactful, too. Take your clear vases, glasses, or bowls and stack colourful ornaments with boughs of evergreen and pine cones and place them either as a centrepiece on your table, a bookshelf, or kitchen counter. You could also tie extra ornaments with ribbon and frame around a windowsill or on a fireplace mantle.

Invite the outdoors in

Some of the most stunning, textural decorations can be found right outside your door. Collect sprigs of pine or evergreen, a bunch of hollies, berries, acorns, and pinecones, and bring those clippings inside to scatter in vases around your home. The scents are incredible!

Create warm light

Fill your mercury glass votive and vases with candles for some warm holiday shimmer, or buy some beautifully scented candles that will create warmth and fill your space with a festive fragrance. You can also drape white twinkle lights around a great hallway mirror or doorframe for immediate ambiance.

Pile on the bedding

Swap out your cotton sheets in your bedrooms for flannel, and add a thick blanket with your duvet. When the nights get chillier, there’s nothing cozier than sinking into a warm, comfy bed.

Cookies! Eggnog! Mulled wine!

Filling your home with the lovely scents of a spiced mulled wine or freshly-baked shortbreads is the closest way to happiness, so don’t stop those traditions just because this season isn’t the same as last year. Do all the baking, drink all the eggnog, and sip on your mulled wine by the fire. Dipping into these treats isn’t a guilty pleasure. It can be a little moment of self-care that counts.