How to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Home Spa

A bathroom spa makeover doesn’t need to be an overwhelming enterprise. Even if your space is small or you don’t have a bathtub, some simple updates can go a long way. When you think of a spa experience, the image that comes to mind mostly is fluffy oversized towels, soft lighting, a fragrance, and ultimate relaxation. All of this can be achieved easily with design details and a few luxurious items meant to pamper.

First, remove clutter

Think about the luxury spa’s or hotel bathrooms you have been to, and what is the most common denominator? Each place is always efficient, minimalist, and keeps to a relatively neutral, calming palette. For your own space, tuck away extra items off of your vanity or shelves and store them neatly in your cupboards. Storage trays work wonders to keep everything separated neatly.

Mix in nature

Nothing is more tranquil than green plants, and there are plenty of varieties that can work in a bathroom setting. Bathrooms tend to have lower light, high humidity, and warmer temperatures, so it’s essential to find the right houseplants. Depending on your space’s size, use potted plants on counters and floor, or hang plants from the ceiling if you can. Aloe Vera, begonia’s, ivy, and spider plants work well in this type of environment, but even just a small potted vase with fresh flowers will completely transform the room.

Add softness

This is achieved with cozy robes and slippers, luxurious bath mats, and fluffy oversized towels. They are simply the easiest way to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom, and there are plenty of retailers who have fantastic options at all price points. I love to roll my towels and stack them in a woven basket, or you can also layer them neatly on a shelf if you have the room.


Buy a new showerhead

Immediate luxury! Those of you who don’t have a large soaking tub, a luxurious shower head with multiple settings, rainfall, or a handheld can transform the whole experience.

Add a fragrance

I love this new idea of hanging a bunch of eucalyptus over my shower head. The steam of the shower releases the eucalyptus plant’s essential oils, which can work to clear congestion and inflammation. Plus, the scent is divine. All you have to do is tie the stems together with a rubber band and tie them to your shower head. It can last up to two months until it dries out. Otherwise, many other essential oils work to reduce stress and amp relaxation, and they can give that sensory experience of being at a spa. Vanilla, tea tree oil, neroli all are lovely. Also, consider scented soaps, lotions, and candles to set a restful mood.

Add a shower or bathtub caddy.

The easiest way to help store all of your bathroom essentials to keep everything organized (and not scattered all over the floor!). It’s remarkable the effect of how calming a clean space can feel. Etsy has some fabulous wooden versions that I love!