Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day, and while we technically should be kind to the planet we inhabit every day, it’s also a great reminder to get into new habits that work towards protecting this beautiful world we live in! Here are some easy ways to celebrate Earth Day at home.

Fresh carrots pulled from a garden

Get planting

Planting your fruit and veggies in your backyard has become very popular as of late, and it’s a clever (and simple) way to benefit your health while also reducing the amount of fossil fuel emissions due to not having to transport the food to stores. Here’s a great resource to get you started.

People biking and jogging

Start biking

Reduce your carbon footprint by riding your bike, when possible, instead of taking your car. This can be a viable transportation alternative. It helps to reduce your carbon footprint—fewer cars on the road means fewer carbon emissions polluting our air and contributing to global warming. If you don’t have a bike, walk. If you don’t feel like walking, consider carpool. Any way you look at it, driving less is good for the planet!

Use reusable bags

Canadians use up to 15 billion plastic bags every year and close to 57 million straws daily. That’s a staggering (and scary) statistic, and we need to be diligent with reducing our use of plastic in our everyday lives. Plastic bags fill up our landfills and can also cause significantly dangerous problems for marine wildlife. Instead of grabbing a plastic produce bag at the grocery store, opt for eco-friendly options instead. These from Credo Bags are great.

Composting, eggshells, and carrots

Try composting

“Earth is the ultimate recycler.” I love this sentiment from Global Citizen. That means that the earth reuses everything that it creates with help from the Sun, and everything that lies on the planet is adaptable within this system of recycling—everything except humans. Humans are the only things that willfully don’t recycle what they create and use, but it also doesn’t have to be that way. Composting biodegradable food and materials is a terrific way to feed soil: Yard waste and food waste is broken down to become food for plants. Give it a shot! Here are some starter tips.

Get Outside

This is something we can forget to do daily. We’re so busy with our busy lives and schedules that the simple act of getting outside can sometimes slip our minds. Earth Day isn’t just about actionable ways to protect the earth, it’s also about appreciating the abundance it provides us every day, and a massive part of that is in nature. Take advantage! Go for a walk around the neighbourhood, take in the fresh air, and spend lunchtime reading in a park. The reminder of how significant our world is will grow our deep appreciation for it.

Make your home more energy efficient.

From stopping open drafts to hanging your clothes to dry, it’s much easier to make your home more energy-efficient than you may think. Readers Digest has suggestions that I’ve started implementing in my own home, and I think you can find some benefits here too!