5 Small Decorating Changes That Make a Big Impact At Home

The spring season is the perfect time to brighten up your home. From adding colourful fabrics, accent pieces, and greenery, you can transform your home into a beautiful summer retreat. Easy (and affordable) updates won’t take a ton of your time, and many of these suggestions can be done simply in an afternoon and shopping online. Here’s how to get started!

Bring the outdoors in

Living room with plants

I’ve said this many times, but filling your home with plants, flowers, and greenery is one of the best ways to make your home come alive. Shop for planters that work for indoor and outdoor settings and select a variety of easy to maintain plants. A friend suggested lemon trees, and I loved that idea! I will buy a pair and place them by the windows in my kitchen for that fresh summer feel.

Change accents and accessories seasonally.

I always swap out my accent pieces seasonally. From throws to pillow shams and bed linens, come the warmer seasons, I look for linen and cotton fabrics and tend to bring in some wood and bamboo accents to give that warmer season vibe.

Change your doorknobs

Elaborate door knob

This may seem like a funny one, but it’s a brilliant idea. Think about how many times we grab for doorknobs, door handles, or kitchen cabinet handles. We may not think about them instinctively, but changing out our functional doorknobs for something different – I love hunting for vintage knobs – is a terrific way to create a whole new look very quickly. This article from New York magazine shares the best doorknobs according to designers.

Add new window treatments.

There is something beautiful about an uncovered window (all that natural light!), but it’s not very practical for privacy. I swap out my sturdier window coverings for lighter curtain panels in shades of sand, bamboo, or cream in the spring. They add lightness to the room while also allowing for the natural sun to come through. (As an aside, I swap out my shower curtains for something that feels very spring-summer, too! You would be surprised at the impact.)

Paper an accent wall with removable wallpaper

Wallpaper continues to be a significant trend in home décor, but it’s a big investment and commitment for homeowners. Removable, adhesive wallpaper is not only a quick way to add a pop of colour and interest to a wall; it’s also temporary. Opt for a paper with a bold pattern you could install in a small powder room (as an accent wall) or your bedroom. Unlike traditional wallpaper that you have to glue to your walls, removable wallpaper is non-permanent and doesn’t leave a glue that could destroy your existing paint. Here are some options to consider.