Cottage decorating ideas to wake up your space

Whatever style you prefer for your cottage, one feeling always remains the same: Cottages should feel like your home away from home, so why not bring in some of your favourite home décor design ideas into your summer home?

Cottage décor should always be comfortable, but that shouldn’t mean it needs to be shabby. These cottage decorating ideas are fresh, full of colour, and easy to implement into any existing space!

Exhibit all your travel finds

Given our cottages tend to be more flexible in how we design them, I love the idea of exhibiting all of the unique pieces I’ve found in my travels to add character, personality, and colour to my home. Whether it’s a gallery wall of global art and sculpture or a bookshelf layered with vintage trinkets and pottery, it’s beautiful to be able to look at what you’ve bought on your travels—it’s a great trip down memory lane.

Switch out existing doors for barn or vintage doors

I love vintage doors, and I’m always on the lookout for unique finds. Consider installing new doors at your cottage to give your space an old-world feel.

Chairs on a cottage patio with lights

Add a fire pit

Is there anything that feels more on-brand than a fire pit at the cottage? Instead of digging out your own (and why would you!) there are plenty of readymade fire pits available online, and they don’t have to be gigantic either to give that requisite warm flame.

Bring in natural textures.

For a breezy, easy summer feel, decorate with cotton, rattan, leather, seagrass, or woven accents throughout your home. This can be achieved in myriad ways—from accessories like mirrors or picture frames to lighting, carpets, and window treatments. Pull your colour palette from the environment around you: shades of green, white, sand, and sky blue can be incorporated into wall colours, bedding, and pillows.

Consider open shelving in the kitchen.

I love how relaxed this look can be, with very minimal effort. When we think about the cottage, we immediately want our environment to be comfortable and fuss-free, which relates to our storage solutions. Use open shelving in your kitchen to house all of your everyday essentials. Plus, the shelves can also be a great way to showcase any local pieces you may find, like great ceramics, bowls, or vases.

Decorate your space with mini garden bouquets

Instead of building a big bouquet in a singular vase on your table, consider picking local blooms and fill glass bottles or vintage glassware with mini arrangements to place in every room. I also love scattering votive candles throughout to add a warm and cozy light.

Forget heavy window treatments.

Cottages are always in a stunning natural environment, so instead of covering your views with heavy window treatments, opt for translucent, see-through cotton fabrics or a bamboo roll to give a lighter-than-air feel to your windows. You could also opt to keep them bare entirely (depending on your level of privacy). We want to let the sun and serene views in as much as possible!