Chic Holiday Décor Ideas

This season, move past red and green and kitschy decorations. Here are some simple ways to fête the holidays in style with décor ideas that give the nod to the season without feeling too overdone.

Pick your palette

Suppose you want to move away from the traditional color scheme of red and green and lean into the existing tones that compliment your existing décor. Silver, gold, and bronze tend to fit well in any scenario, as do earth tones like sand, dark oranges, and burgundies.

Switch up your holiday wreath

Holiday wreaths (especially in colours of green and red) can sometimes feel overdone, so keep things fresh by choosing a wreath with natural elements like cedar, moss, jute, or lush pampas.

Chic Holiday 2

Cluster your candles

Make your mantelscape or a deep windowsill a central space with a cluster of different sized candles, mercury glass votives, and simple greenery (I love eucalyptus) that feels effortless and elegant. Add a sprinkle of colourful glass ornaments to add a pop of colour and cheer.

Create a festive bar cart

Whether you have a bar cart or use the surface of a cabinet or tabletop, make a festive bar cart with seasonally-inspired spirits, your favourite statement glassware, and add natural elements to your cart that feel holiday-appropriate like bowls of citrus to use as a garnish and snacks like a dish or nuts or candies.

Chic Holiday 3

Bring in natural elements

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s easy to decorate with items that you already have at your disposal. A glass jar filled with branches and berries is delightful, as are pinecones taken from your backyard and placed in and around a table setting. I also love the idea of taking a stick of cinnamon and tying it with ribbon and a pine branch for a festive version of a napkin ring.

Festive florals

While poinsettia is the quintessential flower of choice for the holidays, I like the idea of choosing more unusual flowers that still bank on winter hues but feel more modern. A stand-alone assortment of berries or white flowers with pine is lovely and impactful.