Decorating your outdoor space for summer

Maximize your outdoor space and make it beautiful this season, regardless of its size.

A well-decorated patio doesn’t require a significant renovation overhaul. From choosing the proper lighting to vertical plants, you can maximize your outdoor space and make it a beautiful retreat – regardless of its size. From smaller condominium patios to more full backyards, here are some decorating ideas you can start working on now.

Plants on a pallet

This is a fast project with a handsome reward: Take a basic wooden fence or pallet (you can find sizes and options at any home hardware retailer) and then fill it with a mix ‘n match array of potted plants. It creates visual impact quite effortlessly, and it’s a beautiful way to bring more greenery into a space that doesn’t have a physical yard to plant in.

Add outdoor rugs

Rugs always make a design layout feel more comfortable and adding a rug to your outdoor dining table or seating area will ramp up the cozy factor. It is more comfortable on you and your guests’ feet, but it can also hide a flawed, chipped, or otherwise worn-out patio or deck floor.

Add a swing chair, hammock, or garden swing.

Depending on your space, a swing chair, hammock, or garden swing are a playful furniture addition to your outdoor space. Opt for ones crafted in wicker or rattan. They’re great for lounging, reading, or napping on a leisurely summer afternoon.

Try an oversized ottoman

An oversized ottoman works double-duty in your outdoor space: It provides extra seating and can also work as a table for serving drinks.

 Light it up

Lighting is simple and very cost-effective, and it can make a big impact on the overall feel of your space. Line your patio or sidewalk with solar lights, hang lanterns on the trees in your backyard or string some lights above the dining table—layer with candles scattered throughout your space or table to mime a warm al fresco feeling.

Pile on the pillows

Make your outdoor patio furniture (which can sometimes feel stiff and uncomfortable) with soft, oversized pillows. Your guests will thank you! When selecting pillows, ensure they’re all uniform in color or pattern to feel cohesive.

 Bring in a garden fountain

Hearing water trickle in a garden fountain reminds me of the Tuscan countryside, and the sounds are soothing in creating an outdoor oasis. There are so many options and price points available, and the best part is that you can decide the placement anywhere you choose.

Build an outdoor mini bar

Find a vintage wheelie bar cart and stock with outdoor-friendly glassware, napkins, and an ice bucket with your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. It saves having to run back and forth into the kitchen for supplies.

 Find some fun, outdoor-friendly glassware

Add some style to your space with some fun, colourful acrylic glassware. Acrylic is highly durable and can withstand the test of time much better than glass; go for it in pretty pastels or primary colours. An outdoor space is meant to feel joyful and celebratory, and colour is easy to achieve.

Invest in quality furniture

Outdoor furniture can be costly, so you want to ensure what you are purchasing lasts well beyond a season or two. Before you hit buy, consider the climate and average temperatures in your area, as this can impact the longevity of your furniture. Don’t pressure yourself to buy everything at once either, even if retailers are trying to convince you to buy everything in sets. It can be pricey, so take your time and invest in a couch, a dining table, a few lounge chairs, and an umbrella in due time. When it eventually comes together, you will feel delighted to know you made mindful choices that you can enjoy for many years to come.