Why you should adopt a pet

If you’re able to adopt a pet from a shelter, you’ll be saving an animal’s life.

It’s a startling statistic, but more than a quarter of a million dogs and cats enter Canadian animal shelters every year and more than 100,000 are euthanized — that’s about one animal every five minutes.


The reasons for ending up in a shelter are many: some were lost, some were born without a home and some were rescued from abuse. Regardless, there is one common thread: they desperately need a home!

Here are some key reasons for adopting from a shelter!


Might sound obvious, but imagine the feeling of knowing you saved an animal’s life. That’s a truly rewarding experience, plus you’re actively contributing to the pet overpopulation problem too.



The cost of adoption is far less than what you would likely pay if you bought your pet from a pet store or breeder. An added bonus: the adoption fee usually includes spay/neuter surgery, a complete veterinary check-up, vaccinations and a microchip ID. These services could run you $500 or more if you had to pay for them yourself.

The right fit  

All reputable humane societies, SPCAs and rescue groups conduct temperament tests on the dogs to ensure they’re safe to adopt out, and many also have programs to match up adopters with dogs whose personalities will best fit their lifestyles and preferences.


While some shelters do have puppies up for adoption, it’s more typical to have adolescent or adult pets. Adopting an adult means you can avoid going through all those trials and tribulations (along with late nights and early mornings!) in house-training your new friend. And unlike a temperamental little one, an adult pet’s personality is pretty well established already.

 Avoid the unknown

Once you purchase a pet from a pet store, you’re basically on your own. Most pet stores don’t tend to provide much support if you have questions and/or issues with your new pet. When you adopt — especially from a rescue group — you know what you’re getting into because the group knows the animal’s history. They’re wildly invested in ensuring this pet has a good home, so they’ll be very open to helping you build that connection and relationship with your new pet.