Spring Décor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

The best way to usher in a new season is by giving your home a mini-makeover. It doesn’t require any major DIY projects or renovations—just a few upgrades with accessories, colour, and new dishware can really elevate your space and bring that feeling of spring indoors!


Group your blooms

I do this, without fail, every spring season. I either clip a bunch of flowers from my own backyard or I go to my florist and buy some in-season tulips. Then, I bundle the flowers in a number of small vases (as opposed to putting them in one vase) and scatter them throughout my home, or I line them up across my mantle or dining room table (as pictured). It’s such a stunning display!

Pops of Color

Bring colour to your bedroom by mixing in new blankets, throw pillows, vases, and catch-all trays in a spring-appropriate hue.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper

Floral and garden-inspired wallpapers have been gaining momentum for a couple of years now, and I think they work wonders in a small powder room or as an accent wall in your dining area. And now, with so many DIY wallpapers available, you don’t have to commit to papering your walls permanently. You can have fun with it seasonally!

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Two-tone cabinets

If you have been following me on my Instagram account, you know I’m enthralled by this new trend in home décor: two-tone cabinets. I particularly love the look in the kitchen when you paint just the lower cabinets in a bold colour while keeping the rest of your palette neutral. If you’re considering trying it yourself, here’s an easy guide from HGTV that could help!

Two tone cabinets

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Bold accent rug

Adding new colours, patterns and fun textures is a great (and easy) way to update your home décor to feel more spring-like. I love the idea of swapping out my rugs for something that’s multi-coloured—it adds that “pop” with very little effort.

Colourful glassware

Coloured glasses are huge this year, and there are so many beautiful options out there at price points that are very affordable. Coloured glasses add visual interest to your table when entertaining, and there is something so joyful in sipping a favourite drink out of a bright glass. I found these vintage pink goblets on Etsy and I love them!


Photo courtesy of Etsy