How to Choose the Right Couch

How to choose the right couch is one of the biggest and more important investments in furniture, purely based on the level of usage and price point: You will be sitting on it a lot, and you also want to find a piece that will stand the test of time for years to come, too. Plus, it has to be a marriage of style and function because everything in your room revolves around it. With a limitless surplus of options out there, how do you choose the right couch for you? Take these considerations in mind (and avoid buyer’s remorse!) if you’re planning on shopping for a new couch for your space.


Size matters

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a couch is choosing one that is either too big or too small for the space. You don’t want them to overwhelm your space, nor look too puny. While this decision all depends on your living room, and how much of that space you want eaten up by the couch, a general rule (and, surprisingly, one people forget!) is to simply measure the space correctly before you hit the stores and map out your floor plan. Look mindfully at your space and any existing furnishings to think about scale: Do you have other chairs and couches in the space already? A coffee table? If so, a simple couch (perhaps in a slight L-shape) may fit best. If you’re looking for a couch to be the focal point in the room, then you can play around with shapes and sizes that offer more room and seating.

Do I go sectional?

This really depends on how you plan on using the space: if it’s more of a formal-style living room; a place where you plan to entertain, then you’re better off with a stand-alone couch. It’s more sophisticated. An sectional really is designed for comfort, lounging and (literally) putting your feet up, so that tends to lend itself to a more casual vibe for watching T.V. or hanging out with the family.

Chair arms: Which one to pick?
Generally-speaking, the rounder the arm, the more traditional the feel of the sofa has. If you’re looking for a modern take, that’s also timeless, a tuxedo-style sofa (which has straight arms the same height as the couch’s back) works well. Plus, it can fit into any style of room, too.

Couch Plant


Speaking of, there is a plethora of different materials you can choose from, from woods to metal, marble, and Lucite. Again, this depends on your overall room (and house) style. You want the coffee table to meld harmoniously with all of your other furnishings and not stand out like a sore thumb. Whether you favour contemporary or vintage, take a quick snap of your space to bring with you on your buying excursion. It will really help store clerks find the appropriate style for you, and you can also remind yourself of exactly how your space looks while out shopping.

Consider multiple mini-tables

Maybe a bit controversial for some, but sometimes a set of mini-tables works better in a space than one larger coffee table. This is especially true of smaller spaces because it offers a level of flexibility in terms of how you use the tables, and where you put them.

  1. This is such an important blog post! So many people buy couches simply based on their design or look without really considering the material, size, or functionality. I bought a couch a few years ago and wish I would have done more research before purchasing it. It’s a dark gray sectional that looks great design-wise, but it collects dog hair like a magnet! I have to get it cleaned twice a year by a professional upholstery cleaner just to keep it free from pet hair and stains. The next time I buy a couch, it will definitely be a more thoughtful decision!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Sarah! It’s surprising, actually, how many considerations a couch can take. It truly is about making the right investment. Glad this information helped you!