How to style your favourite white T-shirt
Is there anything more versatile than a plain white T-shirt? Sure, we have our trusty LBDs and favourite, worked-in jeans we default to when we’re looking for something tried and true, but the white T-shirt is really your…
What to wear this summer
What to wear this summer
There is a certain freedom and insouciance to summer dressing. We can pair down, wear less and defer to something easy, breezy and light. Although I’m a big fan of the throw-on-and-go…
The Advantages of Living in a Townhouse
Townhouse living has a lot of perks. It’s an ideal choice for a family who wants the feel of a single-family home without all of the many maintenance responsibilities that go along…
SPRING RECIPE: Roasted Beet Salad
Spring Recipe: Roasted Beet Salad
If spring ever arrives, I’ll be making this roasted beet salad to serve for lunch or dinnertime. It’s a delicious, fresh dish that can be paired with so many different main courses.…
Benefits of owning a pet
Benefits of owning a pet
I grew up with pets (dogs, cats and magnificent horses) my whole life, and I have always been surrounded by these wonderful, furry creatures. I lived on a farm as a child,…
Orange fennel salad
Spring Recipe: Fennel, orange salad with olives
Oh, how I love when spring finally rounds the corner! The sun is bright and high in the evening sky, flower shops are full of rainbow-hued tulips and our moods shift with…
Tips for Landscaping Your Home
Tips for Landscaping your Home
Beyond my appearances on CityLine, I also collaborate with Dunpar Homes as their Chief Creative Designer. It’s a really fun gig: I get to be on the ground helping develop some of their…
Lisa Rogers Homes Magazine Big Style, Small Spaces Home Work
Big Style, Small Spaces: Home Work

Learn how to create the perfect home-office space in this article I wrote for Homes Magazine. You can read the full version on the website.

Lisa Rogers Homes Magazine Big Style Small Spaces Enjoy the Winter
Big Style, Small Spaces: Enjoy the Winter

I wrote this article for Homes Magazine  on how to enjoy the Winter – bundle up in layers, get outside and be active!  You can read the full article here.