What’s Old is (always) New Again


What I love about fashion is that, intrinsically, it’s about not taking yourself – or your look – so seriously as to lose that sense of play. Think about when we were little girls and the times we would play dress-up with our mothers’ sky-high heels and tubes of red lipsticks. There was something so carefree about that experience, wasn’t there? We weren’t caught up in the cycle of trends, or even what “looked good” on our body types. Thank god for that!

Today not much has really changed, or should I say, has to change. We can still exercise some abandon with our looks, and we can still enjoy it! This image is really full circle for me: The fact that pantsuits are “back” is funny because I actually never got rid of any of mine. I still cherish this gorgeous chocolate brown velvet suit (with accompanying velvet coat) I bought back in 1982 and I can guarantee –  trends or no trends –  I’ll be wearing it again this fall with as much pride today as I did decades ago.

I suppose the lesson for us all is to hold onto those special pieces. We may not be playing dress-up in our mothers’ wardrobes anymore, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have some fun with it.