Roger Daltrey

“There’s something about old rock musicians with good music. It just gets better. Maturity brings something extra to it. What it loses in the youthful exuberance, it makes up with the scars of age.” – Roger Daltrey, as told to Rolling Stone Magazine.

I just love that quote. How age and maturity not only forms the basis of good rock ‘n’ roll, but life generally speaking. The Who was everything to me growing up in the seventies. It was a heady time politically with the ongoing Vietnam War, women’s rights, the sexual revolution and, of course, the dawn of some of the best rock ‘n’ roll music and the band symbolized all of that strife and turmoil wrapped up in an ever-sexy front man, Roger Daltrey.

Roger was THE rock star to me. He had it all: good looks, great voice and, well…that body, too. He was formative and a force, and sixty plus years later he still has that magic. He’s still a major stud.

Beyond his rock star aesthetic, what I appreciate about Roger is that he’s so unaffected and unassuming, even after all the accolades and fandom. He’s famous, but you can’t tell that listening to him speak or how he interacts with the media. He’s handled it all so very well and I find that incredibly inspiring.  I feel like it’s a good lesson in how to handle attention: Stay humble, be grateful and carry your accomplishments well without demanding praise.

Call it a crush or call it a distraction, but The Who is my generation, baby. I will forever find life lessons in their lyrics, their attitude, and their grace.

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