Sunglasses for your face shape

A fabulous pair of sunglasses that fit your face shape can elevate your look instantly, even if you’re in your most basic look.

The challenge is in finding the right pair that compliments your unique face shape (and yes, we all have differently-shaped faces), while balancing your individual features. It’s not an one-size-fits all, so whether you’re square, round, heart-shaped or oval, finding a pair of sunnies that flatters you is key, and thankfully it’s actually not that hard to figure out. Just follow these simple rules to finding your perfect pair!

Square face

If you have a strong jaw and your chin isn’t overly defined, you have a square face shape. Look for sunglasses that have a rounded, softer frame. You can soften your face by choosing frames with rounded corners (classic Aviators are a very good match!). Also a good tip: the larger your face, the larger your frames.

Round face

If the widest part of your face is at your cheeks, that means your face isn’t as angular as it is round. (But don’t beat yourself up about it! A round face does not mean it’s an unflattering face!)

Heart shape

Rectangular-shaped glasses are your best bet: it will make your face appear more angular, giving the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones; plus, they potentially take years of age off your face. Sounds crazy, but this theory actually works. Wayfarers are genius here.

Oval shape

Most styles work on this face shape, so here is where you can have some fun with it. Whether you like the new, trendy micro-sunglasses, cat eyes, or classic round frames à la John Lennon, anything goes here. Choose glasses that are the same width as your face, though, not wider. Those are the most complimentary.